Top Preventative Plumbing Maintenance Tips

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Plumbing maintenance

It is normal for you to experience broken pipes, leakages, blocked toilets or even the faulty water heater in your home. It is crucial to understand the problems and the necessary preventative measures to avoid these plumbing issues. Successful preventative maintenance and remedy require a deeper understanding of the entire water system. You need to know every appliance that uses water such as bathroom, kitchen, and utility room sink.

Additionally, you need to check appliances including the garbage disposal, showers, and washing machines among others. Proper maintenance of the items prevents deteriorating of the problems. The article outlines the top helpful preventative tips.

Know the Water Pressure at your Home

High water pressure is one of the primary causes of the bursting of pipes and destroys appliances such shower heads. Water pressure shows the force of water in the outlets. You can use a pressure gauge to measure the pressure. You can ask for assistance from your water company to measure and regulate pressure to safe and recommended level.

Regularly Check Pipes & Appliances

Check all the exposed pipes in your home and appliances such as water heater and refrigerator periodically. Read and understand manufacturer’s guide to maintaining the pipes and devices. Be on the lookout for walls and ceilings for water stains to identify a leakage. Check for cracks or leaking on hoses. In case you notice leaky pipes, take immediate action towards repairing the pipeline to avoid further water damage. In addition, if you see pipes are old, you may consider replacing with new ones, which are more efficient and safe.

Learn to do it yourself

You will not be able to solve all repair issues concerning plumbing, but you can learn to do some yourself. For instance, understanding the use of sewer snake and learning how to unclog drains are a few maintenance tips, which save lots of repair cost.

Keep an eye on what you flush into the Water System

Being careful about what you pour into the drain is crucial. Your pipes and the toilets usually can all waste from the house. It is essential to check what you pour or flush in the toilets to prevent problems in your house piping system. All flush toilet paper and the human waste into the bathroom. Avoid draining chemicals into the system since they erode your pipes. Also, avoid using oil and grease. The two cause clogging of pipes over time.

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