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Accidental choice of attached file sees Super Mario themed curriculum vitae sent for plumbing job

Mario, the world's most famous plumber. Image by Nicescene (via Shutterstock).

Mario, the world’s most famous plumber. Image by Nicescene (via Shutterstock).

In our first job interviews or job applications, we have made some mistakes. With age, we learn from them even more, and this is true among time-served plumbers. James Bowie-Wooler, a budding plumber, applied for a plumbing job. On his professional CV (seen in the Metro), he is working in his local branch of Tesco.

When he entrusted his girlfriend Shannon-Marie Tanner with his email, she couldn’t find James’ professional CV. Instead, his Super Mario themed curriculum vitae was attached to his covering letter. In the CV, it cites:

  • His experience as a time-served plumber since November 1985 (shortly after the US release of the Super Mario Bros NES cartridge);
  • His attendance at Brooklyn Plumbing College (Mario hails from Brooklyn in the video game);
  • Extensive experience in driving go-karts and mushroom hunting;
  • (Within his hobbies) Collecting coins and riding Yoshis;
  • A reference from King Bowser Koopa (a reference to one of the supporting cast in the video game series).

Needless to say, he didn’t get invited to any interviews with the prank CV. He later sent them copies of his proper CV, and is awaiting a response from any of the employers.

We at Swindon Plumbing and Heating would like to wish James Bowie-Wooler the very best of luck in his career. James, if you are reading this blog post and considering a move to Swindon, why not send us your CV? We would be delighted to help you with advancing your career in plumbing.

Why is Mario the world’s most famous plumber?

A lot of it is due to the pulling power of Nintendo, whose Famicom (or Nintendo Entertainment System) console was a major success in the USA and Japan. Super Mario Bros was the console’s most popular game and a marked improvement in the sound, graphics, and gameplay department on its previous game, Mario Bros.

Mario’s brother is Luigi. Several sequels and spin-offs followed, making Mario, Luigi, and other supporting characters a multi-billion dollar franchise.

Swindon Plumbing and Heating, 15 June 2017.

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