Pipe Burst Hits 4,000 Properties

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4,000 Manchester shops, apartments, offices and restaurants hit by pipe burst

Manchester Victoria station, close to the scene of the pipe burst. Aerial view by Neil Mitchell (via Shutterstock).

Manchester Victoria station, close to the scene of the pipe burst: Aerial view by Neil Mitchell (via Shutterstock).

On Monday, 28 November, Manchester commuters getting off their buses, trains and trams arrived in work without their morning cuppa. A pipe burst on Victoria Street led to the whole of the city having no water. This affected all businesses and residents within the M1, M2, M3, and M4 postcodes which cover the whole of Manchester. The M7 postcode, which takes in Salford city centre, was also affected.

In addition to being deprived of water for the whole morning, the pipe burst also affected road traffic. Buses, particularly those coming in from Salford and Bury, saw slower journey times. In the southern part of Central Manchester, there was also traffic misery due to roadworks on Oxford Road. The city’s rail commuters – unaffected by the pipe burst – also fared badly. An early morning derailment in Salford caused long delays on westbound trains departing from Manchester Victoria.

Throughout the morning, there was reports of either low pressure from the taps or no water at all. As a consequence of the pipe burst, coffee shops were only able to sell bottled drinks. All cases at Manchester Crown Court, scheduled to take place in the morning were postponed. The first cases were heard at 2pm. All eateries and restaurants were closed till the early afternoon.

By lunchtime, Manchester’s water supply was restored by United Utilities’ engineers, after working for more than five hours on the leak. Gradually, the city’s restaurants, bars, shops and offices returned to normal.

From Twitter, here’s a few comments from Monday’s pipe burst:

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