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Microsoft launches GLAS thermostat to rival Google’s Nest

Cortana GLAS image by yougoigo (via Shutterstock).

Thanks to Windows 10 and Cortana, you will be able to control your thermostats with GLAS. Image by yougoigo (via Shutterstock).

If you’ve heard of Hive and Nest, both systems allow you to control your heating away from home. Using an iOS or Android smartphone, the systems by BG plc and Google respectively, have gained popularity for their convenience. Last in the queue for such innovations are owners of Microsoft smartphones. By the end of this year, or the beginning of next year, Microsoft will launch GLAS.

The GLAS system will work with a Windows Phone device. The Redmond-based computing giant have teamed up with Johnson Controls. They made the world’s first electric room thermostat. It will be voice controlled, using the Cortana system. The new device will include a translucent touchscreen display which enables you to change the temperature of each room.

GLAS will work with the Windows 10 IoT core and is hailed as “a thermostat that will move with us”. Here’s a sneak peek at their forthcoming Internet of Things device via YouTube.

Real time temperature regulation

One of its other main unique selling points is the use of real time temperature regulation. This steadies the temperature of your home and optimises heating usage. In the long term, this allows for cheaper fuel bills. There will be nothing to stop you from setting the temperature for each room.

The arrival of Microsoft’s latest Internet of Things device is a source of excitement. Not least for Windows Phone users who are last in the queue for the latest apps. At this moment, no prices or official launch dates have been announced. From the YouTube clip, it looks good. If only we knew how much they will cost.

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