Common Bathroom Plumbing Issues

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Bathroom Plumbing IssuesThere are many plumbing issues that may come up in every home. The bathroom is one of the most affected areas and when issues arise, it can be frustrating especially where the flow of water out of the bathroom is interrupted. Many of the common plumbing issues you will experience in your bathroom are easy to fix and may not require that you hire an expert for the job. Here are some of the bathroom plumbing issues you are likely to encounter that you need to prepare for.

Low Water Pressure

It’s very common to experience this problem and there are few reasons as to why this might be happening. If the sink faucet has low water pressure, you should confirm if both hot and cold water are affected. In case you find out both have issues, the first suspect is the aerator. This happens due to calcium deposits that build up over time in the faucet aerator thereby disrupting the free flow of water. Such a problem is easy to fix as you only need to remove the aerator to clean it.

Running Toilet

After flushing, you might realise the toilet still has problems withholding flow of water, and this could mean you will be losing a lot of water to waste. When you spot such an issue, you should understand that one of the control mechanisms of the toilet is not working as required and may need replacement. There are few solutions you could try including replacing the toilet valve and the leaky flush valve. Of course, this should come after you have investigated the source of the problem.

Leaky Pipes

Leaky pipes are common in many bathrooms especially during the cold winter season. A lot of this leaking happens around joint areas, so make sure to observe for wet spots on your ceiling and paths through which your pipes follow. Leaky pipes should be fixed without delays as their impact to the entire system might be costly. For this you might need to work with an expert plumber.

Dripping Faucet

A dripping faucet is a pain you would not like to endure as it keeps pouring in noisy drops, and worse than this is the fact your water bills will continue to rise. The main reason this happens is failure of the washers that are supposed to prevent the sipping of water through the valve. You could try to fix it by replacing the washer. The replacement and repair process is quite involving and you might need to work with a replacement expert.

Clogged Drains

It is frustrating to see that all the water that is directed to your sink, toilet or tub fails to go out. A clog, whether partial or complete, will cause this problem. Most plumbers prefer to use pressure to dislodge the material that blocks flow of water, but this is sometimes not very reliable as not everything can be removed.

When any of the problems mentioned above is spotted, you are advised to see if this is something that can be repaired with DIY knowledge. In case you feel there is need for professional assistance, you should immediately inform your plumber to come and help you out.

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